Thursday, November 6, 2014

What's Been Up Lately ?!?!

    Well I only have a few followers so I know most don't care, but with deciding on getting rid of Facebook I decided maybe I should start writing on here for the passerby , my friends and family and so on.
    Lately life has been so so busy! Lots of studying, packing for our big move, daily duties of a wife and stay at home mommy (harder than you think), making sure our puppy gets all the love he can handle and a little more LOL, and lots more. I feel like I always have something going on even when I am not supposed to. Anyone know what I mean?

Here is our new edition to the family if you're curious..... I am so in love with him, and I swear he is part cat !

                         This is when the hubby and I took him to the park for the first time! He wore himself out !

As for my mini me she is doing so great on taking a true interest in her reading. She is determined to be able to read a whole chapter book before the next school year starts. She loves her wonderful teacher, as do I. She has really been learning how to choose for herself lately and I love it! It scares me sometimes but I want her to know it is ok to have your own thoughts, I do monitor her a little because she is only 8 years old but I do allow her to build her own opinions on people and things in this world. I have to say she did make me proud in church today. The pastor was talking to the kids and before he was finished my wee one added that you need to be greatful. I will leave that subject for another time ;] ! All in all she is a crazy little 8 year old who already thinks she has the world figured out, loves attention, creating, making friends, and going to school. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween !!!

I love Halloween!!! It's so much fun playing dress up, handing out and receiving candy, seeing all the kids having the night of their life, and especially all the decorations. I don't celebrate it half as much as most but we definitely like to have fun with it ! 
This year I decided to be a deer (yes I know that it was last years big thing), and my sweet little one decided to be Minnie Mouse.  We wished daddy could have been with us but he had surgery and was stuck on the couch playing Destiny and eating pizza. I am sure he didn't mind too much ;] Of course he had our little protector Ruffus protecting him hehehe. I wish I could have taken a picture of Ruffus in his dinosaur costume, but I could not get him to stay still. If you don't own a puppy boxer, they are very energetic so getting them to stay still for a moment is like raking leaves in a wind storm . It's just not going to happen LOL.  
This is my sweet girls little friend. She joined us for the night and man was she hilarious. 

Quick story time 

We came up to one of the houses and the couple did an outstanding job making it look creepy. One of those creepy items was a big box with the husband inside. The front was see through with blood all over, and he was banging it telling kids to come here, and to let him out. My little one was so freaked out that she was hanging onto me for dear life. And her friend who is around 5 I believe , looked at the guy like he was just plain stupid , and she just went up to grab her candy . If you could have seen the look you would have been dying of laughter like I was.

While out we saw loads of our friends and one of them decided to do the coolest thing in the world. She not only made the coolest little yarn ball monsters for kids, but instead of candy she gave them a cool coupon for free ice cream! Way better then candy I say ! 
One amazing trend that took place this year was the turquoise pumpkin's and non-food items for children with allergies. How amazing is that ! I believe I saw 10 plus houses who joined in. And we only went to about 1/4 of the houses ! Things have been changing so much in the school and neighborhoods and I have to say I love it. The support and kindness for children with food allergies is astounding .

Well I hope you all had a happy Halloween !!! And if anyone happens to read this I would love to see what you did and what you were for Halloween this year :]

Friday, July 11, 2014

Why are you so dressed up ?!?

This is my everyday look . I love lots of gold , hair done, red lips and false lashes
     "Why are you so dressed up?" I don't know how many times I have been asked that. I can remember the first time I mindfully chose my own clothes. I was in 4th grade. A pair of medium wash bell bottoms, a black  pleather jacket, and a plain white cotton t-shirt. My hair was brushed and just dangling above my hips . My little frizz poppers at the top of my head were slicked down with a light hairspray and I even had really cute black rubber sole loafers with a thick heel to match my oh so cool feeling pleather jacket. I remember feeling so beautiful because for once I wasn't in my typical 49er's sweatshirt, black double wide legged jinco jeans, fila shoes, green and white addidas jacket, topped off with a not so brushed low pony tale. For the first time I could remember I felt gorgeous. I thought everyone else would appreciate my effort as well. I remember waiting in anticipation for someone to comment on my outfit.

       I waited almost all morning. We were out at recess and I was playing by myself drawing on the ground with chalk when one of the "popular" girls decided to stroll over to comment on my efforts at looking nice. "Ew why are you so dressed up ? I bet you think you're cool now don't you!" It went on and on with mean cruel words. I tried to ignore it but tears started to blur my vision and I couldn't see what I was drawing. I couldn't find my words because even as a 9 year old I couldn't understand reasoning behind being that cruel to someone.
    That girl grew up and changed for the better, we even became friends in high school and she is a beautiful sweet soul now. But unfortunately that confidence crushing question still made it's way out of everyones mouth.

    I have slowly realized that no matter what you wear, do, say, write, or attempt in life there will always be a person to test your confidence in yourself. Someone who will intentionally say things to bring you down. With that I realized it's up to you  to continue to do what you enjoy. For some, confidence is truly a natural part of their being. But I am part of the most common crowd both men and women alike. I have struggled to feel good in what I do everyday. Even now I sometimes struggle. But isn't that life ?

    I still hate being criticized and looked at but I don't let it stop me from being fancy when I don't need to be. Little girls and boys everywhere in the world BE WHO YOU TRULY ARE!!!!! Don't let other's comments and rhetorical questions ruin your day or mood. Usually they are criticizing you for their own entertainment because they think what they say sounds good and will hurt you. And even if it does don't let them see it ! They don't deserve to see that personal side of you.

      I realize I am a crappy and scatter brain writer so to all those who are grammar freaks I apologize, not everyone is awesome at everything.

   Stay true to yourself and what the heck take a dang selfie!!!!

Here is a little pic of my daughter playing in my heels and posing because...SHE FEELS BEAUTIFUL!!!!