Thursday, November 6, 2014

What's Been Up Lately ?!?!

    Well I only have a few followers so I know most don't care, but with deciding on getting rid of Facebook I decided maybe I should start writing on here for the passerby , my friends and family and so on.
    Lately life has been so so busy! Lots of studying, packing for our big move, daily duties of a wife and stay at home mommy (harder than you think), making sure our puppy gets all the love he can handle and a little more LOL, and lots more. I feel like I always have something going on even when I am not supposed to. Anyone know what I mean?

Here is our new edition to the family if you're curious..... I am so in love with him, and I swear he is part cat !

                         This is when the hubby and I took him to the park for the first time! He wore himself out !

As for my mini me she is doing so great on taking a true interest in her reading. She is determined to be able to read a whole chapter book before the next school year starts. She loves her wonderful teacher, as do I. She has really been learning how to choose for herself lately and I love it! It scares me sometimes but I want her to know it is ok to have your own thoughts, I do monitor her a little because she is only 8 years old but I do allow her to build her own opinions on people and things in this world. I have to say she did make me proud in church today. The pastor was talking to the kids and before he was finished my wee one added that you need to be greatful. I will leave that subject for another time ;] ! All in all she is a crazy little 8 year old who already thinks she has the world figured out, loves attention, creating, making friends, and going to school. 

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