Sunday, September 15, 2013

Family pics on our sunday adventure to the park and yogurt city :]

Well our weekends lately are very slow due to my hubby being busy. So we tend to get out of the house pretty late and are only able to stay out for a few hours before having to come home to cook dinner :] But we definitely try to have as much fun as possible when we can :] Here are some pics I wanted to share of the 2 most amazing people in my life :]

My little mini me decided to pick us both some wishes or as my husband would call them weeds LOL. She picked quite a few before she found a spider on one and ran for her life !!!

After the park we decided to go get some yummy frozen yogurt at yogurt city My little mini me and I got pumpkin pie flavored frozen yogurt. She topped her with oreo's and well I of course chose crushed graham crackers :] YUM!!! There was one called maple bacon donut, and I asked my husband to get me a sample because I thought hay it can't be that bad. I WAS SO TERRIBLY WRONG!!! It was disgusting ! We had our little one try it and she had the same reaction I did. I will try to attempt to upload the video down below so if it is down there you must watch the hilarity of it all unfold :]  Oh and as you can see she decided she wanted to be a grown up and sit all by herself at the bar area LOL Love her so much!

Well folks that was a look into a few hours of our life :] I will definitely try to keep up with pics and stuff that happens in our little family. Not saying it's all that interesting but for all my family and friends who would like to keep up on whats going on , this is for you! Mommy especially you!