Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My top 3 morning pick me ups

   Everyone has a morning pick me up. You know that one thing that just puts you in a wonderful mood. For example yoga, blasting the stereo on the way to work, a quick pick me up from your local coffee stand, you get where I am going with this right ? Well I definitely have my favorite morning pick me ups [ More like anytime pick me ups] I narrowed it to my top 3 favorites!!! Hope you enjoy and please feel free to share your morning pick me ups in the comments below.

1. Meiko Radio on Pandora.

    I am not always in the mood for mellow music, I love a little bit of everything, it just depends on the mood I am in, just like most people. But when fall rolls around I have a few favorites to get me started out right and smiling.
    This radio station has the best kind of happy relaxing music. Aside from the fact that I love Meiko all on her own, they also play artists like A Fine Frenzy, Joshua Raiden, Lenka, Jack Johnson, Ingrid Michaelson, Priscilla Ahn and the list can go on and on with wonderful sounds! For me nothing can get me in a great mood like some amazing music!

2. Tea and Coffee and Hot Cocoa OH MY!

Top left: My daughter and I having a hot cocoa date; Right : Me and my awesome coffee in mug from the hubby; Bottom left:
The back of my cute panda mug LOVE IT!

  This is such a hard decision for me in the morning, During summer and fall I tend to go for tea or coffee, but winter [ MY SECOND FAVORITE SEASON] is hot cocoa for me. It just warms me up so good in the morning! Now as for preference of tea, coffee, and hot cocoa that's a hard one. If I have time I will actually brew up a batch of chai tea really quick, but if not I just like to pop in any black tea with a pop of sugar and milk. Coffee is yummy but I try to stay away from that unless I am exhausted! I usually keep it pretty simple. I like to drink a good breakfast blend with some french vanilla or a package of dark chocolate hot cocoa mixed in. And last but certainly not least HOT COCOA!!!! My absolute favorite hot cocoa recipe is  pumpkin spice white chocolate home made hot cocoa with LOADS of whipped creme ;p mmmmmm yummay! Click here if you would like to be directed to my source. Mind you I did alter it a little for my liking .

3. Candles.

I am a candle person all the way. I have done the house plug ins and scentsy warmers and although they were great, there is just something about candles that make me feel wonderful. I do tend to stock up on the same scents to last me all year . My go to scents are Leaves, Winter, Fireside, and Evergreen from Bath and Body Works. OH and a new favorite is Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin ! It seriously smells like pumpkin pie ! Now Winter, Fireside, and Evergreen are winter scents so I can't put a link to those yet but when they do I will be posting about it . And just a little FIY I buy the B&BW brand candles not the White Barn. Although White Barn has amazing scents they just burn sooooooooo fast.

Well there it is my top 3 morning pick me ups . Please feel free to share your top 3 morning pick me up's with me in the comments below, or share it on your blog and link me to it so I can check it out.

Happy almost fall ya'll :]


  1. oh my I have an obsession of candles too!
    My absolute favorite place to get candles is from Anthropology. I think I about die at every smell they have, each one is like heaven.

    -Hailey Cheyenne

    1. Oh I have never bought theirs before :] Which scent would you recommend ? I love woodsy or fall scents . Bed Bath & Beyond sell these woodwick candles that are amazing!!!! :]

  2. I love the voluspa candles the best because they are made with ultra natural ingredients!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. :] natural is always nice :] thank you I will have to look those up !