Saturday, September 14, 2013

Feeling Pumpkin[ee] Fresh !!!


So for the last month I have been using this beautiful skin care that smells of yummy pumpkin and sweet potato !!!! What is it you ask. It's the Michael Todd's Pumpkin Mask Nutrient Facial Mask . I love this stuff so much. I received it last month in my lovely ispy bag. Plus not only is the product organic but it is animal cruelty free! I seriously can't express my love for this enough ! I have very terrible dry patches all through out my skin and with this my skin literally feels like the bottom of a baby's foot ,and even hydrated after I use it. Now this baby definitely tingles when you put it on for the first minute or so, but that's how you know it is exfoliating that beautiful face of yours. After one month I have used it 5 times and am only to the half way mark of my 1oz. sample. This stuff is $34.00 and I would say worth every penny. This is definitely a product that will be permanently staying in my skin care routine , ESPECIALLY with winter around the corner. You know dang well my skin is going to be all kinds of THIRSTY!!!! Well ladies and gents that is it for this review . Hope I was able to sway some of you to purchase this and if you do I hope it works out in your favor! xoxo

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